It is possible to make a tour of the winery finishing up with a wine tasting.


Leonardo da Vinci Winery offers the chance to organise tours of the barrel room followed by tastings of a selection of wines including the reds from Tuscany, Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino.

Breathe in the fragrance of the wine as you trace the journey made by the grapes inside Leonardo da Vinci Winery, from their vinification to their ageing, before being bottled and finally poured into the glass, with a tasting of the wines produced in the DalleVigne wine shop. A tour targeting all those, enthusiasts or merely the curious, who would like to discover the “secrets” behind the production of red and white wines. Only by reservation: tel. +39 0571 902444
Address: Via Provinciale di Mercatale no. 291 50059 – Vinci (Florence) Open from Monday to Saturday Languages spoken: Italian and English Sales in the cellar: it is possible to purchase all the Leonardo da Vinci Winery products directly at the winery. The wines distributed by DalleVigne are also available in the wine shop.
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